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One checklist that you should keep in mind before you remodel your apartment

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If you are thinking that it’s time to renew your apartment and get a new vibrant look for your small cozy home, then take it the right way and focus on all minute details and come up with beautiful home décor.

We all know when it comes to urban living we have to sacrifice space for location. This article will help you with how to make your small apartment look luxurious, by fulfilling your wish list.

Below mentioned are some guidelines that will help you get a good makeover to your simple apartment.

Along with Walls and Furniture Pay Attention to Floors

When opting for the renovation of the apartment we focus a lot on walls and furniture’s and usually forget about the floor.

Renovation of floor doesn’t mean scrapping out everything but to give a new rugged look or a good polishing finish.

Managing Shelves

It is a big crime to hide your expensive showpieces and cutlery sets from your guests. Now it’s the time to get floating shelves pinned in the wall to flaunt your vintage stored stuff and to showcase your unique taste.

These shelves can be customized according to your room texture and color and can be re-painted whenever required. One basic problem that we all face in a small apartment is the issue of storage i.e. space.

So to resolve it, one can go for stackable storage items. We can also opt for foldable furniture, hydraulic bed sets where one can get the ease of storing things, wall attached storage cupboards which provides spacious apartments. But try not to compact all thing as it would kill the beauty of things.

Use of Garden Furniture

Due to less space in bedrooms, we avoid keeping side table but we can use garden stools which occupy less space beside the bed and as well add an edge to the bedrooms look.

Few garden furniture’s that can be placed beautifully inside the home are – bamboo chairs, dining sets, folding chairs, swing chairs etc.

Garden furniture helps to enhance the interior and the items are easy to move from one place to another and are as well available in various colors and range.


Lights are something that elevates the look of your apartment. Correct lighting helps to lift the attitude of living and as well non – living things…
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