organic elements home design

4 ways to incorporate organic elements into your home design

Your home should be a space that gives you peace and tranquility. After a long day at work or a busy day of running errands, you want to come home to an area that’s warm and inviting. Research has shown that connecting to nature decreases stress and improves mental clarity. So, interior designers are finding […]

open book clock and candle

14 tips to keep you comfortable during a power outage

We’ve all been through this feeling once in our lives. And it’s not a good feeling. All of a sudden, darkness and silence descends on everything. The power’s out. You quickly check to see if it’s just you. And the entire time, you’re wondering how long it’ll take for the electricity to come back on. […]

big light blue vacuum cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner for the home: how to choose and how much it will cost?

The essential function of any vacuum cleaner is to collect dust and dirt that has accumulated on the floor and carpets. Many models perform it entirely, but can’t do anything, for example, with a dried stain from spilled stewed fruit in the kitchen. That you can’t do without a damp rag – it is the […]

water damage assessment

How does the water damage restoration process work?

There is never a convenient time to have your home flooded, but something about returning from a vacation to find your basement submerged in feet of water is especially hard to take. In a perfect world, our homes wouldn’t flood. There wouldn’t be anything to restore because our basements would always stay dry, our pipes […]