happy couple preparing for house move

6 ways to make moving in the hot weather easier

In the summertime the sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and millions of people around the world are choosing to make the big move. Summer is the most popular season for moving, and people all across the world are dealing with that unrelenting heat. But, fear not! If you are one of […]

leaking tap

How to avoid plumbing hazards: safety first!

If you are a homeowner, there’s no doubt you know just how much goes into keeping your property functioning correctly. From the electrical wires going through your house to the plumbing that goes through your walls, you need to stay on top of things in order to keep your property protected. Dealing with issues as […]

corona chairs

5 décor ideas to enhance the visual appeal of the Corona chair

Dating back to 1964, the Corona Chair was formerly designed by renowned Danish designer Poul M. Vouther. The sudden rise in popularity is all due to its presence in mass media platforms such as movies, fashion shoots and music videos, all of which portrayed its ability to let the user relax in various positions. Making […]

bathroom mozaic shower

6 amazing hacks to make your bathroom look expensive

The bathroom of your house tells a lot about you. Most of the people are busy decorating their rooms that they often neglect their bathrooms. However, bathrooms have an enormous potential of transforming the outlook of the house as they maintain equal importance, just like any other room. To create a luxurious bathroom, you don’t […]