Potential garage door mechanical problems

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Garage door repair solutions are sometimes fully mechanical in nature. One of the main categories of garage door problems could be called mechanical problems.

Sometimes these problems need to be fixed by an experienced technician, but many times they are well within the capabilities of a homeowner to fix.

Often a mechanically damaged or defective part simply needs to be replaced, and replacement parts are often available at the consumer level.

The following are some examples of mechanical garage door repair problems you may encounter and some tips on remedying them.

Worn out Pulleys

Pulleys are a common mechanical garage door repair issue. There are usually four pulleys associated with your garage door. Two are attached to springs which expand and contract as the door opens and closes. Two are stationary and simply allow the cable to roll through them.

If these pulleys become rusty, bent, or generally deteriorated, they can result in the door opening poorly or jamming. These are simple to purchase and replace. But first you need to determine whether they are worn and how worn they are.

To check the pulleys, open the door completely, put C clamps on the door track and under the opened door edge to prevent them from rolling down, and disconnect the springs.

Then inspect the pulleys and roll them with your fingers. They should roll smoothly. Check them for rust and for bends or damage. If you see any go ahead and replace them.

Worn out Rollers

A similar issue can occur with the rollers – the little wheel-like items that are attached to the door and which roll along in the tracks.

These can rust, jam, or get damaged and prevent the door from opening smoothly. You can also try turning the metal shaft that acts as a kind of axle for these rollers. It should turn easily.

These rollers can be replaced as well quite easily by a homeowner.

Snapped, Worn, or Damaged Cables and Springs

The springs, as mentioned above, are also a potential trouble item. They can become rusty and weakened to the point where they may snap.

A snapped spring should be quite obvious as it will render the door either unable to open at all, or cause it to open with much more difficulty.

Obviously if a spring is broken it should be replaced, and this is very easy to do. Even if the springs are rusty and worn you can…
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