Yarrio Garden Tips to restore your backyard pond after winter

Tips to restore your backyard pond after winter

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For some people, a garden is a place where life goes slowly. They can rest, focus on nature, and forget about daily hassles.

For others, the garden is seen as an exhausting chore that takes lots of time, nerves, and an infinite source of omnipresent dirt.

As we all know, weather conditions have the most significant impact on the gardens. Both small and big. If you want to have your garden in perfect shape, you have to spend some money and time on it.

Especially after winter, when nature is slowly getting back to life. Even though picking up the leaves or pulling up the weeds are important issues during the process of restoring the garden, if you have a pond, do not forget about it.

Without care, ponds may transform into an eyesore with overgrown plants, and a swamp with unhealthy-looking water.

If you want to have a glorious spring pond opening, it is worth considering following a few steps to restore it correctly. Just think about crystal clear water and colorful fish swimming in it.

The actions you will take for your pond lead to how healthy the fish will be, how long the pond will last as a pond, and not a puddle, and how much you will enjoy it!

What is essential, if you seal the pond correctly in the winter, the amount of spring restoration work will be much smaller. And always remember about removing sludge before the warmer months.

Clean out the pond

The best way to restore your pond from the winter state is by full cleaning. You should remove all the sludge from the walls and bottom of the pond, change as much water as needed, pull out putrid plants, and wash well any accessories which are in the pond.

When it comes to the bottom of the pond, you should be extremely gentle as you may risk disturbing hibernating frogs. While performing these tasks, it is worth considering using beneficial bacteria for ponds.

They reduce sludge buildup, improve water clarity, and reduce oxygen demand. Remember, nature needs time to balance water.

Start water filtration

Aeration is crucial to maintain the perfect condition of the pond. The process allows the oxygen to flow through the water. It helps plants and fish to function well.

You can use pond aerators or pumps. Their settings should be adjusted to the temperatures and weather conditions at the location of the pond…
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