Yarrio Cleaning Choosing a specialist rug cleaning company

Choosing a specialist rug cleaning company

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Rugs can add a touch of comfort and luxury to our homes, and our demands of them are high. Their position on the floor means that we walk, sit, eat and play on them.

We occasionally spill things on them and wipe it off or give it a quick ‘wash’ with a bowl of water. Our pets often sleep on them or treat them as their domain, shedding hair and dust.

While we may vacuum the rugs, from time to time, they are going to need cleaning to keep them in good and hygienic condition.

If you want your rug to be cleaned and look as good as possible, you need to choose a specialist rug cleaning company.

A google search will return many providers, but how do you ensure you choose a company that is a true specialist, offering a full service that is right for your type of rug?

Training & Experience

Look for a company with proven training and experience. Not all rugs are the same, and it is important that the cleaners you choose understand the difference between cleaning an ancient Persian, silk rug, a sheepskin hide, a traditional wool or modern synthetic rug.

Normally specialist rug cleaners will have undertaken intensive training in how to remove different stains such as pet accidents and eliminate odours from deep in the rug pile of any type of rug.

Choose a company that will come to your home or business and inspect the rug. They should be able to identify the type, understand the job, point out any underlying issues and give an honest opinion on what is – and is not – achievable.

They should be able to explain how they will proceed, how long it will take and give a clear expectation of results.

If you are at all in doubt, ask about training undertaken and previous experience with your type of rug. The company should be able to give clear and unambiguous answers to your questions.

Process & Equipment

Cleaning a rug is so much more than turning up with a vacuum cleaner and a hand-held carpet cleaner. Ask the company about the process they use to clean a rug.

A rug cleaning company who can clearly explain their twelve-step process is one that cares for your rug.

These steps take special equipment, however; from removing dust thoroughly, pre-treating stains and odours, washing, rinsing, eliminating…
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