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Safety first! Gear up before you work on home improvements

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Any construction site is a dangerous place to work and even stay for a short period. Beams being hoisted, carts wheeling by, and heavy machinery all around mean that workers have to be cautious all the time.

Although a home construction site is much less dangerous, that doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe. Even if you are the only worker, there are still numerous dangers lurking and you have to make sure you are safe.

This means adopting safety rules and habits, as well as getting the right gear, from the helmet all the way to protective footwear.

However, home improvement novices more than often omit a piece or two of protective gear which might cost them their toe or finger.

Protecting the eyes

One piece of garment that almost two-thirds of all builders forget to put on are protective glasses. They have only one function, to protect the eyes but for some reason, people still perceive them as a fashion statement rather than an integral protection for the eyes.

There is all kind of debris flying around the construction site, like wood splinters and metal chippings, which could cause havoc if they land in your eye.

A foreign body in the eye can even make you lose your eyesight, turning your long-awaited home improvement project into a nightmare. That is why you should wear inexpensive plastic eyeglasses every time you do any construction work.

Hearing protection

Apart from the eyes, you are going to have to protect your ears as well. Since power tools generate a lot of noise, up to 100 dB, constant exposure to such high tones can lead to hearing damage or even hearing loss.

That is why earmuffs should be put on before you turn on a power saw, for instance. They need to have a padded outer area so they comfortably fit the area around the ear since you will be wearing them for hours at times.

Probably already known to you, every piece of protective gear has to be ergonomic. An alternative to earmuffs are earplugs which provide less protection and they are less comfortable but some prefer them due to their small size which makes them easy to store in a pocket…
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