The top 10 popular choices for new beds & mattresses

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With a diverse range of beds available to choose from, it’s important to consider the different design features of each type. These are the top ten options when looking for a bed that will combine comfort with style.

It’s also very important to note that a bed provides the style you need, but without a good mattress, you won’t get the relaxing sleep you are looking for.

There are many types of mattresses available, from open spring to pocket spring, but without doubt, a well-made memory type mattress is the nation’s favourite.

Adjustable Beds

These beds can be adjusted to provide the best support for various parts of the body. Different parts of the bed can be raised or lowered into various positions.

Adjustable beds are commonly used to provide relief from painful conditions such as backache and muscle stress, by providing the most comfortable sleep position.

Air Beds

Inflatable beds made from heavy-duty urethane plastic and provide a very comfortable sleep. They are becoming increasingly popular with people suffering with a bad back or with an issue that is causing sleeping difficulties.

The pressure in an air bed mattress can be adjusted to provide the required amount of firmness.

Canopy Beds

These are like four-poster beds, with four corner poles supporting the upper section of the bed. The upper panels are covered in fabric and fitted with drapes that can be pulled together to enclose the bed. Fabrics such as wool, silk, velvet or voile can be plain, patterned or have a decorative finish.

Since ancient times this style has been used in high status bedrooms. They are most often used in period homes with big bedrooms.

Divan Beds

These beds are sturdy and functional as well as coming in a range of designs. The base of a divan bed is very sturdy and sits directly on the floor. It’s attacked to the top half with a bracket.

Often there is storage space in the lower part, with sliders, drawers or zips for opening up and storing items inside.

Divan beds are generally made from wood and do have an integral headboard…
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