Yarrio Security The ultimate guide to home surveillance

The ultimate guide to home surveillance

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No one can afford to take home security lightly. Burglary rates are on the rise, with up to 2.5 million cases reported every year. You, therefore, need to take steps to secure your home and property.

Choosing the right system is a personal decision. What works for one individual may not necessarily work for another.

We will simplify the process by sharing an ultimate guide to home surveillance with a focus on video surveillance. With so many options available, knowing what to look for is critical.

Why is video surveillance vital

Video surveillance gives you an extra pair of eyes; eyes that you can leave at home. Thanks to technology, you get to see what is happening in your household no matter where you are.

A visible system will act as a deterrence, and the footage can help police track down criminals.

What You Need To Have In Your Checklist

1. Does It Send Notifications?

No one has time to sit and watch live feeds the whole day. Your surveillance system should send notifications to your smart device in case of anything.

Set it up to forward the alerts to you and someone else in case you have no access to your device. It would beat the purpose of having an alarm system if no one is at hand to respond when the need arises.

2. Alternative Sources of Power

You are better off buying a home security system that doesn’t depend on one source of power. If a burglar wants to disarm your system, he will cut the electrical wires.

You will also have a problem if there is a power outage. You need to have a battery backup.

3. Storage

Storage is an important feature to consider when looking for a home security system. Most of them come with internal storage, but it is usually not much.

Due to the weight of the footage, you will need to keep on deleting or backing up data.

With cloud storage, all the recordings are in a remote server. You can, therefore, access the records from wherever you are.

4. Smart Features

Look for a home security system that has certain smart features for better functionality. One such feature is facial recognition, which will learn the identity of the people within the home. If it doesn’t recognize a face, it will send you an instant alert.

Another great feature is motion detection. Motion detection is excellent because you’ll get an alert if it detects movement. Be careful about the settings, though; you don’t want…
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