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Unbelievable hacks for transforming your bathroom the easy way

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If you’re pondering a makeover for your bathroom, there may well be a couple of things putting you off – one being the potential cost, the other being the amount of work involved in giving your rest room the overhaul you desire.

Yes, transforming your bathroom can be a big job – especially if you are considering replacing all of the fixtures, and even more so if you want to move everything around, and therefore need to think about pulling up floorboards and cutting into walls to replumb it all.

But if that is what is holding you back, it’s worth having a rethink. There are lots of ways to revamp your bathroom that are neither difficult nor expensive.

With a bit of creative thinking and a few pointers to fire your imagination, you can still achieve some stunning results with a minimum of effort and much less of a hole in your wallet.

Don’t believe me? These fantastic hacks for a hassle-free refurb will hopefully change your mind.

Stick-on tiles

Re-tiling your bathroom is a major sticking point (excuse the pun) in many a refurb plan. Standard tiles hit you with a triple whammy.

First, you have to remove the old and cracked tiles which is a laborious and messy job. Then you have to buy the new ones, which can eat a surprisingly large chunk out of your budget depending on the type of tiles you want and the amount of wall space you want to cover.

Third, you then have to stick the things on, which is a toss up between paying a professional to do it quickly or tackling a pretty steep and time-consuming learning curve in trying to do it yourself.

So what if you could just keep the existing tiles in place – but completely transform the way they look to fit in with your new design? That’s exactly what stick-on adhesive tiles offer.

A fraction of the price of ordinary ceramic tiles (typically under £10 for packs of 20-plus), stick-ons are particularly great if you want to replace plain old white tiles with colourful patterns.

Most can simply be cut to size to go over whatever tiles you already have, and you could even experiment with patterning just a small area (a single wall, maybe?) to save more time and money.


If your bath and sink are basically serviceable but you want to give the look and feel of the room an uplift, one of the simplest things you can do is replace the taps.

A slight word of caution here – really fancy taps can be almost as expensive as buying an entire new tub or bowl.

But one way to look at it is, whatever your save on those large items, you can put it towards faucets that add a real wow factor.

If you’re determined to do things on a budget, shop around for refurbished taps that will add an antique aesthetic to your bathroom. Or if you really want to go to town, how about installing a matching thermostatic…
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