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How underfloor insulation does wonders for your home

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Does your home suffer from chilly floorboards, or do you have draughts coming up from beneath the house? You may be missing out on the benefits of floor insulation.

Why Do You Need Floor Insulation?

Save on your energy usage – Floor insulation can prevent unnecessary heat losses and heat gains! You could see a 10% reduction in your energy bills from underfloor insulation alone, and this is a conservative estimate.

Reduce your monthly energy bills – Installing underfloor insulation batts improves your homes thermal envelope and gives you better control over inside temperatures. This means you can operate indoor heating and cooling appliances at a lower setting.

Homes with ‘suspended floors’ can experience cold floors and air draughts entering through the floorboards.

Installing insulation in your floor can reduce cold air draughts from entering your home via cracks or gaps in your floor and help it stay warmer during the winter months.

Floor insulation can minimise the transfer of impact noises such as footsteps across the floor and dampen vibrations from appliances such as washer and dryer, giving your floor a more solid feel.

Insulate under heated floors to reduce heat loss from the heating elements to the concrete slab underneath.

This will greatly increase the energy efficiency of the heating system and enable you to operate it at a lower energy input.

5 Ways To Insulate Your Floor And Warm Up Your Home

Adding an insulating layer under your carpet enhances its performance, increasing the comfort and thermal properties of your floor.

Between 15-25% of heat loss or heat gain can occur through unsealed cracks in your home. Seal cracks and gaps between floorboards, skirting boards and walls to prevent unwanted draughts.

Carpet and rugs can add an insulating barrier to your home and create a warm feel to your floor.

Consider installing underfloor heating in living rooms or bathrooms where the floors tend to be coldest. Hydronic underfloor heating tends to be the most popular however electric systems are on the incline.

Underfloor insulation batts can be installed during the construction phase of new builds, extensions or retrofitted in existing homes. Cheap underfloor insulation is available in a variety of sizes and R-values…
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