Yarrio Bedroom Upgrade your bedroom with a generous bed and TV all-in-one

Upgrade your bedroom with a generous bed and TV all-in-one

tv bed all-in-one

Being able to see a movie while lying comfortably in bed is definitely one of the things everybody wishes for. But, in order to make this possible, you usually need, besides the bed and other furniture items for your bedroom, a TV and furniture items for the TV.

This can be a rather daunting task, especially when you’re dealing with a smaller bedroom. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to clutter the space with a high number of furniture items.

Well, you should know that it is possible to have a bed and a TV in the bedroom and save space at the same time.

The solution lies in TV beds, an ideal combination between a large bedroom bed and the TV that will offer you the entertainment you need.

The bed has all the properties and characteristics of a high-quality bed, the only difference being the TV embedded at one of its ends.

This way, you will have to worry less about buying a special furniture item for the TV or look for an adequate mounting stand for it.

Just get a TV bed and you will solve the issue with one single solution. The best part about this type of product is that the TV doesn’t have to be visible at all times.

Yes, the bed is equipped with a system that can lower the TV into its special slot so you can lift it only when you want to watch some movies or your favorite shows.

The TV bed was made to look great in the bedroom, without disrupting the design of this particular space. But, at the same time, it was meant to offer you entertainment in a comfortable and convenient manner.

So, the TV is placed in the footboard, giving you the chance to stay in bed in a relaxed position and watch TV just the way you like it.

Just taking a look at a few TV bed models, you will notice that neither the footboard or TV are too thick. They both have a slim design, so your bedroom bed doesn’t look out of the ordinary.

Most certainly you will love the fact that it looks like a modern bed, without making anyone suspect that there’s a TV available around the clock. As you can guess, the TV is easily operated with the help of a remote…
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