Yarrio Home Repairs Warning signs of an electrical emergency

Warning signs of an electrical emergency

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There are so many situations where we need the assistance of an electrician but many times we are unable to understand when to call an electrician and when can you do it yourself. Hence in this blog, we have highlighted some scenarios where it is important to call an electrician because this will help you save money and time. Some of the situations may sound very nominal or minor, however calling for an electrician is the wisest decision.

1. Smells Like Burning

This is a serious situation because a burning smell is an indicator that either your wiring system or the circuit board or any of your appliances is about to get you in some serious trouble. This can cause minor issues like a short circuit or can lead to a major issue like fire in the entire house. Your electrical system should not smell like fire or something burning hence it is best to call an electrician who provides emergency services and ask for the next steps to be taken until he arrives.

2. No Electricity In Your Home

This is also an emergency because there could be many reasons as to why the electricity of only your home is not working. Whether this happens in the day or middle of the night, it is best to not go on experimenting with another thing that you can think of and simply pick up the phone and call an emergency electrician. While you wait for the electrician to arrive go to the main power source and turn it off to avoid any sudden surge of electricity which can lead to a short circuit.

3. Broken Lines

This situation arises during heavy rain or severe storms, where the power lines break due to the force of nature. These powers line are active and carry the complete voltage and supply of electricity in this until they completely break away from the source or the main power line is disconnected. To keep yourself and your family safe, call an electrician to deal with it as soon as possible, and do not try to take off the wires on your own. Ask your electrician for further steps if the electrician tells you to stay away so do that because going near the power line unprepared can result in death.

4. Disturbance In Your Breaker Box

You may hear various noises coming from the breaker box like soft or loud humming or crackling or any other sound, it is an indicator of trouble. Call your electrician to have it looked after because a faulty breaker box will not be able to trip in case of a high surge of electricity and will lead to short circuits and fire. So turn off all your appliances in the house and if possible turn off all the buttons and do not attempt to switch on any button in any part of your house until help arrives.

5. Getting Shock Every Time You Touch An Appliance

This is something that you should not be experienced in the case of the perfect electrical system. This happens in many situations like, the power outlet is too old and is damaged, or the wiring system is somewhere frayed, etc. until your electrician arrives, switch off the power supply. In case someone just got a major electric shock call the emergency services and do not touch the person. Call an electrician to fix the power outlet or the appliance.


As you have read, these are some serious situations that cannot be dealt with on your own without the help of a professional electrician. Keeping an emergency electrician’s number handy is the smartest and wise thing to do because you never know when you may need their help. To avoid such situations, it is best if you can have an electrician do regular checks of the entire electrical system of your home.

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