Yarrio Interior design 9 cool uses of customized LED lights in 2022

9 cool uses of customized LED lights in 2022

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Now, if you have heard about customized LED lights, then you must know how awesome they are. And yes, LED lights are slowly replacing traditional light technologies; because they are more flexible, affordable to use, and energy-efficient than any other form of lighting.

In fact, their efficiency and quality light output allow you to reduce operational costs without compromising your lighting setup. Nowadays, customized LED lights are mainly used by architects, interior designers, and light designers. But, other people can customize them individually to create fixtures they can use in their homes; usually, for decorative purposes.

Now, there is a wide variety of LED lights in the market. They all vary depending on wattage, color, size, shape, temperature, features, and lumen output; each of these characteristics will cause the fixture to perform in a specific way or to be used for a specific purpose. On that note, let us look at some applications of customized LED lights:

1. Wall lighting

Now, believe it or not, a majority of people use customized LED lights on their walls. And, there are different ways you can fit your fixtures to maximize output and increase the beauty on your walls.

First, you can use them as recessed wall lighting. What does this mean? Well, it means your LED fixtures will peek through a hollow part of the wall. It is a beautiful application that also makes the space look diffused.

Another way is through surface mounting. You can decide to mount your custom LED lights onto your wall. This method is best if you want your space to have unfiltered bright light.

The final way you can use customized LED lighting on your walls is by customizing them into creative art pieces. Yes, you can customize your lights into art and use them on your wall. Plus, they are easy to install and take down as well.

2. Accent Lighting

So, you can also use customized LED lights as accent lights; to highlight your pieces of art, paintings, and other important parts of your space. Accent lighting always adds style and aesthetic appeal to your highlights and the room in general.

Also, the fact that they are easy to install means that there is less probability of damage. Not forgetting, aside from the aesthetic benefits, accent lighting also improves clarity. Thus, it allows you and anyone viewing your highlights to see and appreciate even the finest of details.

3. Car and Truck Lighting

In case you were unaware, miniature LED lights or strips can be customized for use in cars and trucks. They are used to add personality and style to the vehicle; especially, when placed in strategic places. What’s more, since LEDs are flexible and don’t consume a lot of energy, they can be powered by a car battery.

Here, your creativity is what will determine the result and how the vehicle will look. You can decide to just highlight the interior of your car. Or, you can also use the LED lights aesthetics to introduce a glow to it. Therefore, it’s always wise to choose colors that complement the car.

4. Holiday/Decorative Lighting

Now, this is what most people know LED lights to be good for. One of the reasons why these lights are considered ideal for decorative/holiday illumination is because they are energy efficient; thus, can stay on for long without running up the power bill.

Also, LEDs aren’t easily affected by switching (ON/OFF). Therefore, they won’t be damaged by the constant flashing of holiday lights, especially, Christmas lights. That’s why you will find them used in houses, streets, and even malls, to bring the Christmas feeling to life.

And the best thing about using customized LED lights as holiday fixtures is that you can reuse them over and over again. These fixtures are quite durable and long-lasting.

5. Stage Lighting

LED lights are the best option for stage lighting and design. For stages and theatrical spaces, you will need lights that are not all over the place but still, create the effect that is needed. Customized LED lights are the best options because of two things.

One is because they are versatile; so you can create any look you want with them. Two, they can run for long hours without heating up and going off. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your stage lights failing mid-play.

Now, you can use custom LED lights on your stage as backlights for screens and podiums. Plus, you can even customize them further to be luminous LED strip lights. These fixtures will work best as backdrops and spotlights on the stage.

6. Staircase Lighting

Now, if you have stairs, whether it’s at your house or maybe your business, you can use LEDs to spruce up their appearance. With the use of customized LED Strip or Tube lights, you can make your staircase look more aesthetically pleasing.

Regardless of the material, your stairs are made from, LED lights can make them look better. Especially when installed in a tasteful and beautiful design. These lights perform this function best because of how flexible and safe they are.

You just need to install them neatly and keep them tucked away but still visible enough. This will prevent tripping and falling over them.

7. Display Lighting

As we know, display lighting is of huge importance; especially in commercial spaces. Sellers need to literally shed light on their products to create a pleasing outlook. And, to make their products more visible.

That’s why you’ll find customized LED lights fitted into the glass displays. We can all agree that glass material and LED lights are excellent when paired together. But, you should note that customized LED lights can also work well on wooden, metal, and plastic displays when installed correctly.

So, how do they work? Well, in this case, only the casing stays lit. And, you don’t have to worry about your products getting heated up. Why? Because LED lights, in general, do not produce a lot of heat. That being said, you can light your product casing for hours on end without the worry of damage to the products, the casing, or the lights.

8. Shelf and Cabinet Lighting

Now, kitchen cabinets, closets, and drawers are key components of any house. In fact, proper storage space is a must-have in any house. Nowadays, people are using customized LED strip lights to light up their kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. How is it done?

Well, they are many creative ways you can use LED strip lights to light up these spaces. You can use tape lights or rope lights (types of LED strip lights). These two options will perform the function best because they have different lighting effects.

For instance, rope lights give a neon effect while tape lights provide options of diffused colors. And you can use the customized LED strip lights both inside and outside your storage cabinets. Moreover, they are compact, bright enough, and energy-efficient; which makes them perfect for this job.

9. Ceiling Lighting

Fun fact, almost all LED lights can be used for ceiling lighting. And that’s because ceiling mounting is the most conventional way of installing a light fixture. Anyway, there are a ton of customized LED lights that are used for ceiling lighting.

These customized LED lights can be found in an array of sizes that blend well with the ceiling to amplify the room’s beauty and appearance. Furthermore, these fixtures can be installed either as recessed, mounted lights, or pendant lights. That’s what versatility is.

What’s more? Some of the latest lighting fixtures come with smart and special features that allow for remote access and control. That way you can use installed cameras and voice recorders to check what’s going on or even change the color/hue with ease. So, how cool is that?

Summing Up…

And there you have it – nine common areas where customized LED light fixtures are used. Now, when it comes to custom lighting, your imagination is often the limit. And, the best thing about customized LED lighting is that you get creative control.

Which means you can turn your lights into anything you desire them to be. So, don’t hold back. Use your imagination and create the best out of your customized LED lights. But don’t forget that getting quality fixtures requires working with a quality manufacturer like ShineLong LED.

Generally, an ideal manufacturer should be experienced. That way, they’ll guide you on how to go about the whole process of customization; as well as give you a few pointers on how you can reduce the cost without compromising on the quality of your customized LED lights. Good luck!
About the author

This article was written by Nat Huang, the Chief Marketing Officer for ShineLong, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED Tri-Proof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.

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