Yarrio Bathroom What are the best modern bathroom designs?

What are the best modern bathroom designs?

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Modern bathrooms are very popular nowadays. Their neutral colours, geometrical shapes, and natural materials appeal to many people. There are significant differences between modern and traditional bathrooms.

Modern bathrooms focus on relax and rest, therefore, they have specific features to bring that feeling of a stress-free space. They usually have no decorations and have an open plan which is different than traditional bathrooms.


Modern bathrooms use neutral colour palette like white, beige, cream or black. It’s all about being minimalist. Floors and walls of one colour are very popular and give the feeling of harmony, peace, and cleanliness.

Additionally, they make a room feel larger so it’s a good solution for small bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to add some colourful accents like blue, green, red or yellow towels or rugs.

This will give the bathroom an intriguing and unique look. It’s a good solution if you want to maintain the brightness of neutral walls but feel it lacks something a little more vibrant and welcoming.

Mirrors and windows

It’s a great solution to add a big mirror to your bathroom so that you don’t have to fight for it with your family in the morning rush. Mirrors make the room look brighter and bigger because the light is reflected on the surface.

Why not install a big floor-to-ceiling mirror? Your room will be filled with light and seem much more spacious. When it comes to windows, modern bathrooms often have wall-sized windows to let in as much light as possible.

However, you can take also smaller ones into account. For example, you may choose bespoke sash windows which are popular in the UK, especially in London.


Tiles are an important choice as they create the look of the bathroom. When buying them pay attention that they aren’t slippery. You don’t want any accidents in your bathroom and it should be a safe place.

The best choice is quarry, slate or pebble tiles that are slip resistant. As for walls, you should choose something that emphasises the style of the bathroom, for example, stone, marble or granite tiles.

Wet room

Another thing you should think about is a shower room or wet room. For a smaller space, you can place a shower in the corner. If you have a big bathroom you can create a wet room that will be a separate space…
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