Yarrio Windows Boost your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency with window replacements

Boost your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency with window replacements

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This spring, you can boost your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency with window replacements. Windows have a transformative effect on your home.

You can use them to change the architectural style in a dramatic fashion or make simple, classic choices that look a ten-fold improvement over your old, outdated windows.

Additionally, you can boost your home’s energy efficiency with this change. If you have older windows, you’re probably experiencing drafts that keep your heat running more frequently in the winter and air conditioner blasting forth all summer long.

Here are some thoughts on how to use windows to improve your home – in a major way!

Know your window styles

Before you begin shopping for your window replacement project, take the time out to familiarize yourself with the five most sought after window styles.

Double-hung windows: The double-hung window style is the top choice for contemporary homeowners. They are easy to clean, and the two sliding sashes glide up and down to open with little effort. They will provide ventilation during the spring and summer. They look classic and clean.

Picture windows: If you have a fantastic view outside, consider a picture window. This expansive window is a fixed window – meaning it won’t open or close. What it does do, however, is take advantage of your stunning views.

Casement windows: This window style has a sash that’s hinged on the right or left and cranks open. They are uncluttered and simple looking, adding a modern appeal.

Awning windows: The awning window style is similar to the casement window, except they are hinged across the top. Because they swing up, the window itself creates an “awning” that shields the window from rains.

Bay and bow windows: Need to make a small room appear larger? Change the look by adding a bay or a bow window. Each of these window styles bumps “out” making the room feel and look larger from the inside. From the outside, it adds a traditional look to any home.

Knowing what style of the window you want will help you shape your home’s aesthetics, increasing your curb appeal and adding value…
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