Yarrio Home Repairs Your complete guide to home plumbing maintenance every homeowner needs to know

Your complete guide to home plumbing maintenance every homeowner needs to know

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The pipes hidden in the walls and beneath the sinks are easily overlooked on a daily basis. Homeowners should prioritize their maintenance, however, because leaks and malfunctions lead to expensive repairs.

Be on top of your home plumbing maintenance by following this complete guide to pipe care. Your home will operate like a finely tuned machine as a result.

Keep Clogs at Bay

The best way to ward off plumbing issues in the first place is by avoiding them with preventive measures. Pipe clogs seem to be inevitable parts of life, but they don’t have to be regular occurrences.

Place strainers in each sink around the home, especially in the kitchen. These simple tools are basic pieces of mesh.

As hair and particles flow into a given sink, the strainer can catch them. It’s impossible to stop every substance from going down the drain, but most particles will be trapped and easily thrown into the trash.

Opt for Natural Strategies to Remedy Clogs

Natural strategies should be employed instead of turning to chemical cleaners when plumbing maintenance is necessary.

Once a month, pour a pot full of boiling the water down the kitchen drain. The heat should loosen any particles attached to the pipes, which leads to fewer clogs.

You might also opt for a plumbing snake or plastic snake designed for hair clogs. Send the snake down any drain, and it returns with hair trapped on its length. Plumbers can also perform this service.

Wrap Those Exposed Pipes

It’s safe to assume that your home was built with a solid plumbing system. However, there may be a few improvements that you can make.

Take a walk around the home. Look for any exposed pipes on either the exterior or interior spaces. Wrap them with appropriate insulation.

Covering the pipes offers several benefits. Areas exposed to cool temperatures, including the basement, can create expansion and contraction issues with the pipes.

Avoid this wear-and-tear issue by covering the pipes. This strategy also conserves energy if those pipes are carrying warm water to the fixtures. Losing heat to the surrounding space also puts a strain on the plumbing.

Be Observant About Leaks

emember that water is corrosive. It will eat away at pipes and transition points over time. Step up your home plumbing maintenance practices by examining exposed pipes for leaks on a monthly basis. A small leak is a quick fix for most plumbers…
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