water storage

A complete guide to emergency water storage

Almost half of Americans don’t have supplies prepared for an emergency. Think you don’t need them? Think again. 80% of Americans live in areas where a disaster occurred in the last twelve years. Those are good odds that you’ll need emergency supplies one day. And what’s more essential than water? During a disaster, odds are […]

neighborhood houses roofs aerial view

Flat and gable and mansard, oh my! How to pick the best roof style for your home

Are you looking to install a new roof on your home? If so, you’ve probably already spent a lot of time researching which types of materials are best for your home. From asphalt to metal to slate to clay, there are certainly a lot of materials to choose from. But, don’t get so caught up […]

clean beautiful lawn garden

How to grow a beautiful lawn even when your thumb isn’t the greenest

Hoping to grow your own garden? It’s not simply for aesthetics. You also get to enjoy growing your own food and maintain a healthier lifestyle too. There’s also the fact that proper lawn care can increase your home’s value too. That said, not everyone has a green thumb. The good news is that even people […]

cranes parked near construction site

Different types of cranes used in construction works

Cranes have proven to be vital tools around the globe for various industrial activities especially in construction, maintenance, manufacturing and mining. They are also useful in theatrical production. In fact, when it comes to cranes, their application goes from the ordinary to the extreme. If you are wondering what a crane is, it’s a hoisting […]