grey theme living room

How to spend money on renovation before selling

So the time has come to put your house on the market. Maybe you have outgrown the family home and it’s time to upsize, or maybe you’re relocating to a new suburb a stone’s throw from your current neighbourhood, or maybe you’ve decided to sell up so you can travel the world. Whatever your circumstances […]

iridescent glass

What are etched iridescent glasses? And why prefer them for doors?

Interior designing is no longer limited to structuring your house. It is more about adding value and aesthetics in your private space that leaves a lasting impression on guests as well. Expanding one’s vision of interior decoration, the market is flooded with many door and window designs to choose from. For those who wish to […]

brown wooden house

What you need to know before building a wooden house

Wooden houses are more ecological than houses made of concrete and bricks. Wood is part of nature which makes it environment-friendly. The materials used to make wooden houses are natural, recyclable, biodegradable and non-petroleum. The homes made of wood are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also preferred because they […]

kitchen remodeling

The ultimate house remodel checklist

Homeowners spent $361 billion on improvements, repairs, and maintenance in 2016. If you are one of the many that want to make your home look better in the upcoming year, you need a remodel checklist. Without a checklist, you might forget something important when you want to renovate your new home and make it perfect […]